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The city of Valencia held the first Connections Week of the campaign from 19 – 22 April 2016, co-ordinated by RAIS Fundación.

Over 280 people volunteered, walking a combined total of 5,800km around the city in 41 teams, many of which included a ‘peer’ – current or previous rough sleepers.  There were 404 homeless people found, with 268 completing the survey.  The data collected showed that 12% of people had become homeless due to their physical health and 27% had chronic health issues with major organs.

You can read more about Valencia Connections Week in Lyndall Stein’s blog, ‘Old lace and fragile lives’.

Following the Connections Week, a meeting between RAIS Fundación, Valencia’s Mayor and the regional government led to the announcement of a Housing First pilot being launched in the city.

In September 2017 it was confirmed that 5 Housing First Units will be developed in Valencia after successful advocacy work following the Connections Week.

RAIS Fundación are now continuing to build on this success to advocate further for Housing First and to end homelessness.

The team in Valencia were influential in bringing the campaign to Alicante and are offering technical support to help them begin their work.

Keep updated on the work in Valencia through following RAIS Fundación on twitter.


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