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Brussels has experienced a large rise in homelessness in recent years and now has in excess of 400 people sleeping on the streets, with more women, families and young people becoming homeless each year.

The campaign in Brussels is called ‘400 toits/ 400 daken’ (400 roofs), representing the 400 people identified as sleeping rough by the city’s previous street count. It is being led by Infirmiers de rue ASBL, a city wide homeless charity in cooperation with several other Brussels organisations.

Brussels Connections Week was held in June 2017. During the week hundreds of volunteers met 540 people living on the streets. 299 people completed the survey. 60% of those on the streets had a chronic illness. You can find out more about the event through the campaign website, which is in Dutch and French. Full results from the week will be published in November.

Following the event partners in Brussels are working with volunteers to continue actions like ‘Citoyen bienveillant’ an initiative which aims to engage citizens to look out for those on the street.

You can follow the progress in Brussels through the hashtag #400toits and on Facebook and Twitter.


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