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All teams that will be surveying will need a variety of equipment and documents. What follows is a list of helpful items and documents to include in each survey pack.

  1. Each team should have a pack that includes pens, torches, clipboards, a lanyard signifying that they are a volunteer with your local Connections Week, local emergency contact numbers including the phone number of someone who will be at Connections Week Headquarters during surveying shifts should anything happen during the surveying process, gift cards to thank individuals for their time and participation in the survey, and finally resource cards with information about local services and support that are available in your community. These cards should be offered to people regardless of whether they participated in the survey or not.
  2. The survey packs should also include the VI-SPDAT itself (in Surveys, data analysis and reports) , or whatever common assessment tool your community is using, with the consent form as the first page of the survey, a refusal tracking sheet, steps on the survey process, surveying dos and don’ts, an introductory script (see Template Volunteer Script), team roles and responsibilities and a map of the area where they will be conducting surveys (see Block Map Example).  Here are the forms that should be included in the survey pack.

5.10.1 VISPDAT Sample Consent Form

5.10.2 Refusal Tracking Sheet

5.10.3 Steps in the Surveying Process

5.10.4 Surveying Dos And Donts

5.10.5 Notes on Introductory Script (VI-SPDAT V2.0)

5.10.6 Team Member Roles and Responsibilities

5.10.7 Block Map Example

5.10.8 CR Zero 2020 Survey Consent ENGLISH

5.10.9 CR Zero 2020 Survey Consent RUSSIAN

5.10.10 CR Zero 2020 Survey Consent POLISH

You will probably need a separate, slightly more detailed, survey pack for your Team Leaders. It should include all of the documents listed above plus the additional Team Leader Checklists.

5.11.1 Team Leader Checklist 1

5.11.2 Team Leader Checklist 2

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