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You will need to decide what survey to use in your Connections Week. So far campaigns throughout Europe have used the ‘VI-SPDAT’ survey.  VI-SPDAT stands for Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Pre-screen Tool. [1]  The VI-SPDAT helps identify who should be recommended for each housing and support intervention, moving the discussion from simply who is eligible for a service intervention to who is eligible and in greatest need of that intervention. Having been used to demonstrable effect in the US, the European End Street Homelessness Campaign developed a version of the VI-SPDAT that has been adapted for Europe and is available in different languages.  In addition, each Campaign city has done some tailoring to their context.

If you decide to use the VI-SPDAT as your survey tool, note that questions 1-26 included in the English version of the form are mandatory (see 7.2 European Campaign template VI-SPDAT).  More detailed information on the VI-SPDAT and its use is included at 7.1. More information on the VI-SPDAT.

At the end of your Connections Week we recommend you organise a Community Debrief. This is an event to which you invite all your key targets, volunteers, homeless people and campaign working group members, and at which you report back on your findings from the street survey. The Community Debrief is a vital moment in the development of your campaign, you may be able to secure commitments from targets that can be announced at the event in response to the findings of the survey, and you can use the event as a launch pad for the next set of campaign activities. Prior to the debrief event, you will need to analyse and write up your findings from the survey, prepare your recommendations for next steps and do the advocacy necessary to guarantee any announcements.

Here we provide links to the survey forms in different languages, as well as example data analysis formats and Connections Week reports:

7.2 European Campaign template VI-SPDAT

7.3 VI-SPDAT survey form in Spanish

7.4 VI-SPDAT survey form in Russian

7.5 VI-SPDAT survey form in Romanian

7.6 VI-SPDAT survey form in Polish

7.7 Sample data entry form sign in page

7.8 Sample data entry form client info page

7.9 Sample dashboard output – number of clients in priority need

7.10 Sample dashboard output –overview of client demographics

7.11 Westminster Campaign Executive Summary

7.12 Westminster Campaign Full Report

7.13 Westminster Campaign example

7.14 Creating a Google-based Data System

[1]  A “supertool” that combines the strengths of two widely used existing assessments: the Vulnerability Index, developed by Community Solutions, and the Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool, developed by OrgCode Consulting.  Source:

Thank you to Community Solutions for use/adaptation of source materials within this toolkit.

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