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The logistics for the Connections Week will be based on decisions you have made about the location and size of the survey you plan to undertake, the number of volunteers you plan to recruit and above all the campaign aims that you have agreed with your leadership team. Once this is all clear, you need to map the actual locations for your street survey and assign teams to cover different areas.

The Connections Week will require a centrally located space for an HQ where volunteers can gather, debrief and collect forms and other items, and from where operations can be managed. Office space  for data entry will also be required during the Connections Week, with computers readily available.  Some cities have set up their data entry team at the HQ as well, maximising use of donated space and increasing the sense of common purpose amongst all volunteers.  The weekend before the Connections Week you will need somewhere to train volunteers.

The activities involved with the Connections Week will require some funds. The budgets will need to be planned and resourced.

Here we provide some templates and example documents for planning your logistics:

6.1 Maps guidance

6.2 Example map from San Diego campaign

6.3 Template Connections Week Agenda

6.4 Template logistics planning spreadsheet

6.5 Sample budget

6.6 Sample sponsorship letter

6.7 Sample Connections Week Schedule

6.8 Sample Team Leader Schedule

There will be forms that you may need to create to support your Connections Week and your volunteers – we provide some of the most commonly used forms here for you to borrow and adapt as necessary.  We strongly advise, however, that you ensure you are aware of and comply with local or national laws and regulations that are relevant to your campaign and its activities, which can include, amongst other things, data protection, volunteering, health and safety, risk assessment, etc.

6.9 Sample risk assessment form

6.10 Sample survey waiver form

6.11 Sample oath form or confidentiality statement

6.12 Sample debrief form

6.13 Sample volunteer emergency contact form

6.14 Sample team results wall chart

Thank you to Community Solutions for use/adaptation of source materials within this toolkit.

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