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A campaign to end street homelessness will only succeed if it is able to enthuse individuals and relevant sectors with a shared belief that this difficult problem can be solved. Powerful communications that tell the story about people’s lived experiences and describe a future where street homelessness is ended will be key to rallying supporters to get behind the campaign and the cause. As you plan your campaign you will need to think carefully about communications both within your team and externally. This will be important to foster trust and good working relations amongst the campaign working group members, to recruit volunteers and to ensure your campaign messages reach all the people who can help.

The most effective collaborative campaigns have regular and focused internal communications and are able to secure buy in and active participation from their members’ most senior leaders.

Your external communications can help you recruit volunteers to support the Connections Week and your follow-on activities. Effective communications using print, broadcast and social media will be crucial to delivering campaign aims such as increased housing provision, improved services for people living on the streets and so on.

Here we offer guidelines, templates and sample materials to support your campaign’s communications.

8.1 How to design your campaign and communications strategy

8.2 Sample Campaign and Communications Strategy – from the Croydon CR Zero 2020 campaign

8.3 Sample Connections Week Communications presentation – from Community Solutions

8.4 Key messages and Q&A template

8.5 Sample Connections Week Kick-off Press advice

8.6 Sample survey results press release

8.7 Sample embedded Media protocol

8.8 Sample media consent form

8.9 Sample Connections Week flyers x 3

8.10 Social media set up guide

8.11 Sample Facebook posts

8.12 Sample Facebook flyer

8.13 Sample tweets

8.14 Sample Facebook page

8.15 BBC Radio Leicester – Connections Week Interview

Thank you to Community Solutions for use/adaptation of source materials within this toolkit.

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