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A strong leadership team will be crucial for the success of your campaign. At the heart of the European End Street Homelessness Campaign is a belief in the power of collective action – and that getting the right people involved is important too. There are some highly successful campaigns, where the combined efforts of committed people from several different sectors have created new solutions to long-standing problems.

To build a strong local team you need to think about everyone who could be useful to the campaign – from charities and NGOs to governments, businesses and the public – and to consider what their motivations might be for getting involved. Other campaigns have found that the more representatives from key sectors that participate in planning the campaign, the more effective the campaign.  You do need some core people who, while using the right tools and tactics, are prepared to take a few risks if necessary, to help bring about the changes needed to end street homelessness.  If the same old approaches were working, then we wouldn’t need to try something different like this campaign.  The key people involved need to be accountable and open to what people who are homeless tell them is needed through the survey.

Creating and managing a collaborative campaign requires significant back up from an organisation and staff with a specific skill-set. Coordination takes time, and it is a rare single participating organisation that can spare all that is required. Think about which organisation in your area is best placed to play this role, and if none is present, can you raise funds to create a secretariat?

Successful collaborations rely on the following:

  1. Clear goals and outcomes
  2. Only using resources to further the goals of the campaign
  3. See what the research shows, then do it!
  4. Constant communication with your team and the community at large
  5. Presence of  a ‘backbone’ (or agreed lead) organisation

In this section we offer documents that can help you identify who should be on your team, how to engage them, and what committees you might create to lead the different elements of the work. You don’t need to use them all, just choose those that make the most sense for your campaign.

The following website provides more information about backbone or lead organisations:

Thank you to Community Solutions for use/adaptation of source materials within this toolkit.

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