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Joined the campaign: December 2017

Who’s involved? The campaign was initiated by youth homelessness charity, Roundabout, with support from the University of Sheffield.

What has happened so far? Sheffield has had growing numbers of people sleeping on the street in recent years. From June to November 2017 over 400 different people engaged with the city’s street homelessness team and identified as being street homeless for at least one night. The campaign started by engaging with different partners including other homelessness organisations and community groups, and took part in campaign webinars and events to share knowledge with other cities. They decided to take a step back in 2019 and reassess the best way to tackle street homelessness locally.

What’s next? Sheffield are reviewing their local campaign plans for this year. They plan to build the evidence base of what homeless individuals need and want in their city to best support them off the streets and into sustainable housing.  This will include research, assisted by volunteers and peer researchers with experience of homelessness. They hope to carry out a Connections Week later in 2019.

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