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Joined the Campaign: November 2016

Who’s involved? The campaign in Glasgow is being led by the Glasgow Homelessness Network (GHN).

Context: Glasgow has the largest number of people sleeping on the streets in Scotland. Research by Heriot-Watt University in November 2017 stated that there are approximately 121 people on the streets on a typical night.

Glasgow has been a pioneer for Housing First in the UK. They began developing Housing First in 2010 when a first project was started by Turning Point Scotland for 22 people who were homeless and actively involved in substance misuse. Since then Housing First has been recognised as a solution that works and there is now commitment from government and homelessness organisations to extend Housing First throughout the city.

What has happened so far?

The campaign in Glasgow is building on initial Housing First successes in the city. Glasgow Homelessness Network, in partnership with Turning Point Scotland, hosted Scotland’s first Housing First Seminar in May 2017 which brought together almost 250 people interested in developing Housing First. These included people from NGOs, local and national government and people with lived experience of homelessness.

The newly formed Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness – which has been set up by GHN with the Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership – to bring a coordinated approach to ending homelessness in the city will lead on this work from spring 2018.

Another focus of activity is working with partners to develop and test a Housing First Transition Fund to support systems change and test and evaluate the delivery of Housing First in the Private Rented Sector.

These activities have not been set up specifically because of the campaign. However, GHN is looking to maximise the opportunities of sharing, learning and developing through working with other cities in the campaign to make more progress in Glasgow.

Voices of those with lived experience:

Glasgow Homelessness Network and the partners involved in the Glasgow Alliance to end Homelessness put people with lived experiences at the centre of their work.  The Aye We Can Campaign led by GHN hears from people with lived experience to collect their views on how homelessness can be ended in Scotland. Some people said that to end homelessness we should:

  • Provide a permanent home with full, flexible support as quickly as possible and for as long as people want.
  • Make the homelessness system easier to navigate so that people can get the help they need when they need it rather than approaching the ‘wrong’ services and getting ‘lost’ in the system.
  • Focus on transition periods in people’s lives (e.g. leaving care, leaving prison, hospital) as they often trigger experiences of homelessness which can be prevented;

What’s next?

GHN are now working with partners to continue the impressive work already done in the city to upscale Housing First. The aim is that three new Housing First demonstration projects will be opened in 2018.

GHN have also helped develop the new ‘Centre for Homelessness Impact’ in collaboration with Crisis. The centre will be formally launched in the spring of 2018 and its aim is to create an evidence base on what works. Watch this space for more!

The partners in the city will be holding another Housing First conference in May 2018.

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