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Joined the Campaign: December 2017

Who’s involved? The Emfasis Foundation a volunteer-led organisation which focuses on street outreach is leading the campaign in Athens. They are hoping to build their campaign with a variety of partners including schools, universities and other homelessness organisations.

Context:  In Athens, rising numbers of people sleeping on the streets has been an inevitable consequence of the economic downturn in Greece. An increasing number of refugees and migrants mean that resources and facilities are already stretched and dealing with homelessness is not a priority. There are no state programmes which directly work to fight homelessness.

What has happened so far?

The campaign is in the early stages in Athens, yet Emfasis has a strong tradition of street work and volunteering which they will build on through their involvement. They are currently planning activities for the year ahead.

Voices of those with lived experience:

Emfasis prioritise individual autonomy and listening to people on the streets to really find out their needs rather than telling them what they need to do to leave the streets. You can read stories they have collected from people here.

What’s next?

We are currently planning campaign activities in Athens with Emfasis for the year ahead and we will update you soon.

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