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Many different approaches to end homelessness have been tried over the years, and there have been successes along the way. Yet street homelessness is increasing – quite visibly – in almost every European country.

The evidence of this is well-documented, and in recent years World Habitat has spoken with relevant people and organisations across Europe.  Many told us that they want to try something different to stop ‘managing’ street homelessness and end it for good.

So, we set up a campaign to end street homelessness in Europe.  A campaign about people.

  • People experiencing street homelessness.
  • People living and working in cities and towns, who are concerned about members of their community who have no roof to sleep under.
  • People working in organisations providing assistance to those who don’t have a home.
  • People who are prepared and eager to work together differently to end street homelessness for good.

The campaign creates opportunities for new connections between all of these people, so that they can do something together to end homelessness.


World Habitat coordinates the campaign at a European level and acts as a catalyst to support people in cities to create plans, take action, build new partnerships and find new solutions.

We launched the campaign in 2015 and ten European cities are now actively working together with the common goal of ending street homelessness: Alicante, Barcelona, Brighton, Brussels, Croydon, Glasgow, Leicester, Torbay, Valencia and Westminster. Their energy and drive is hugely impressive. The people involved in each city give you a real sense that they want to do something different and work with the whole local community to end homelessness.

Details of each city and what has been achieved so far can be found in: The campaign so far.


World Habitat works with people from active campaign cities to share good practice, tools and learning to make everyone’s voice stronger.  We provide webinars, an online toolkit, advice and bespoke specialist support; and fund peer exchanges and opportunities where people learn from each other.

Local (city or town) level campaigns are led by partnerships of organisations often including city/municipal councils, local NGOs and community groups.

People in each campaign city – homeless & housed, paid & unpaid, individuals & organisations – work together and with us to advance their campaigns by making plans, taking action, and sharing ideas and solutions.

We are currently inviting new cities to let us know if they want to actively join the campaign. Whilst collectively we are rich in terms of commitment and determination, we have limited central resources, and we use a simple process to select cities to join the campaign.

If what we are trying to do and how we are working sounds like something you’d like to be part of we’d love to hear from you here.


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